Come to the Green Side

July 1, 2015, 7:00 am
Filed under: Local Drop-off Sites

Electronics RecyclingRegretfully, due to issues with their recycling vendor, the Village of Hanover Park has been forced to discontinue their electronics dropoff location at their Public Works facility.

Over the past year, the Village of Hanover Park has served as a collection location for electronic recycling through a program administered through DuPage County.  During this time, the Village has collected over 26,000 tons of various electronics.

Therefore, as of July 1, 2015 the Village will no longer serve as a collection point and cannot accept electronics for recycling.  Staff is working to hire another vendor.  As stated in the Hanover Park press release of June 30, “the intent is to bring back electronic recycling as a service to the residents as soon as possible.”

We certainly wish them luck in getting the program reinstated!  It served as a wonderful location and the ease of use couldn’t have been better.  Should you wish to find other options for recycling your electronics, I encourage you to check out the County Recycling Guides on this blog.  You are always welcome to ask for assistance through this blog.  I will do what I can to find a location close to you.