Come to the Green Side

December 13, 2009, 7:01 am
Filed under: Green Tips, Holiday Tips


1Unplug appliances and decorations when not in use.  A power strip makes this convenient.

2.  Entertain with reusable or compostable cups, plates, silverware, napkins, etc. at your party instead of disposables.

3.  Wrap presents in the Sunday comics and magazine pages or package gifts in previously used holiday tins, gift bags, wrapping paper, cloth bags, baskets or boxes.  After the presents have been opened and admired, find what’s usable, fold it and save for next year.

4.  Make gift tags or postcards with cards from last year. Detach the front of the card and write your message on the back.

5.  Shop with reusable bags.

6.  Pair rechargeable batteries with electronic gifts.

7.  Buy holiday cards made from recycled paper.  Or make your own creative cards on recycled paper.  Be selective when deciding how many holiday cards to send.

8.  Recycle broken or used Christmas lights through Holiday LEDS or Christmas Light Source.

9.  Compost your fruit and vegetable waste from holiday dinners.  Try not to overbuy either.

10.  Chip or put out for recycling the Christmas tree and pine bough wreaths.




1.  Sprig Adventure Series.  These toy vehicles are a composite of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic—no paint, so no lead.

2.  Idbids.  These plush “iddy-biddy” creatures are 100% organic Egyptian cotton and colored with organic dyes.  Each one comes with a storybook.

3.  Green Toys.  These classic toys constructed from recycled milk containers are made 100% in California so the parts aren’t shipped from overseas.

4.  Let’s Go Green. This site sells eco-friendly products for the home.

5.  Worldwise.  This company manufactures pet products that are made from natural, recycled, reclaimed or certified organic materials.

6.  Visit SWANCC’s eco-friendly marketplace for products that are easy on our environment or are made from natural materials.









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