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June 16, 2009, 7:52 pm
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styrofoam peanutsHow many packages have you opened only to have those pesky stryofoam peanuts come spilling out?  As a packing material, these peanuts act as a great cushion but, in order to keep them out of a landfill, it is necessary to reuse them.  In Schaumburg Township these peanuts can be taken to Pak Mail.  They are one of the Peanut Hotline Collection sites and are  generously accepting peanuts from the public–as well as conducting a Cell Phones for Soldiers program.  So, take your peanuts and phones to:

Pak Mail
2511 W. Schaumburg Road
Schaumburg, IL   60194


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I am a Retail tech and I recieve hundreds of boxes filled with machines that are packed with peanuts and other assorted styro-foam packing materials. I have been trying to get our company to figure out a way to recycle styro-foam for about a year now. When I ran across your web site I was curious if there might be a way you might be able to help us out or possibly lead us in another direction that would be able to help. The only problem is we are in Springfield IL, so that is a distance that might only want to be driven once a month or less. Please respond with any ideas you might have so I can pass them on to my supervisors. thanks, Andy R. Suter

Comment by andy suter

Hi Andy,

I’ve looked into your question and, because this is a business concern, it makes it more difficult to find an appropriate location to recycle your items. That being said, I spoke to a gentleman at the IL Bureau of Energy and Recycling who gave me the following recommendations:
1. Consider using and/or posting your request on the IL EPAs Industrial Material Exchange. You can use the IMES directory to find companies that are wanting materials such as yours. You can also create your own post for this list. In addition, take a look at the New Listings. You may find something more recent there.
2. The Illinois Recycling Association runs the same thing. It just isn’t as well used. You simply need to register with the site to post your items.
3. It was also suggested that your company may want to work with the manufacturers and, either get them to package their products with more easily recyclable materias or require the company to take the packaging materials back.
4. As far as the packing peanuts go, you may also want to check the Peanut Hotline of the Plastic Loosefill Council. You will be able to find mailing places in your area that would accept the peanuts. Or, you can call them at 800-828-2214. By calling them, their phone system “reads” your location and tells you which mailing places are closest to you.

I hope some of this information helps you out. Thank you for stopping by “Come to the Green Side!”

Schaumburg Township District Library

Comment by jrozek

I was on the receiving crew at a retail store, and there was so many boxes, peanuts, and packaging stuff! We recycled everything in a recycle bin, but I just remember how much packaging there was in just one shipment.

Comment by Giovana Correia

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